Astronaut Sunita Williams ran her own version of the Boston Marathon on a treadmill 210 miles above Earth yesterday. Williams seemed to be hitting the wall until a group of short, green well-wishers passed her a cup of Tang at mile 17.

Crack addict

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after getting into a scuffle with bouncers when they threw him out of a nightclub for violating the clubs dress code requiring that pants not sag below the waist. Under the new NFL’s new get-tough policy on player conduct, Griffin will be required to wear overalls for the first four games of next season.

Toss him – over the top rope

Tim Duncan alleged that referee Joey Crawford challenged him to a fight while he was ejecting the San Antonio Spurs’ star during Sunday’s game. Vince McMahon immediately signed Crawford and his brother, Jerry, a veteran Major League umpire, as a tag team – The Adjudicators.

How can we miss you (when you won’t go away)

Bode Miller announced that he has stopped skiing in the Olympics. I think I speak for most Americans by asking – When the hell did he start?

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