2 p.m., WGN

The Cubs are for sale. Why don’t John Henry and Tom Werner go try turning them into a brand now?

MLB: Red Sox at Blue Jays

7 p.m., NESN

There’s been suspiciously little hype about Daisuke Matsuzaka’s first start ever in Canada. I’m concerned the Blue Jays might use the opportunity to plant some contraband in his luggage and tie him up in customs for the next four days.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs: Senators at Penguins Game 4

7 p.m. Versus

Game 1 of a Versus doubleheader. So if it goes four overtimes, at least it will be pre-empted by another hockey game this time.

NBA: NBA Coast-to-Coast

9 p.m. ESPN2

This show connects viewers with the local broadcast of different teams for live look-ins at NBA action. The rest of America must think Fred Flintstone is doing the Celtics games whenever Tom Heinsohn is on the mic.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs: Red Wings at Flames Game 3

10 p.m. Versus

I decided to root for Calgary in the 1989 Stanley Cup Finals solely because of Lanny McDonald’s beard. That, and the Canadiens suck.

Boxing: The Contender Challenge: UK vs. USA

9 p.m. ESPN

A lot of bad blood between these two countries. Why, just the other day, Tony Blair and George Bush were fighting over who gets to give the German chancellor a backrub at the next G-8 Summit.

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