Emm as in “Match Game”: Performers’ real names are a popular trivia subject; here’s one that’s new to us. Would Richard Dawson have been successful in show biz had he kept his original name? He was born Colin Emm in 1932. The survey says . . .

n Thinking inside the box: One of the strangest websites we’ve ever seen is MicrowaveCam.com, which contains short videos of a wide variety of everyday inanimate objects (like grapes, CDs and an Etch-a-Sketch) being “nuked.”

Which one of these Italian cheeses is NOT named for a town or city in Italy where it was originally made?

A) Gorgonzola

B) Romano

C) Parmesan

D) Mozzarella

Thursday’s answer: According to Bartlett’s, “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do,” was first used by Dr. Benjamin Spock in his “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care.”

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