Despite the inaccurate claims to the contrary in a letter to the editor May 1, Sen. Susan Collins has never supported President Bush’s surge of additional American troops in Iraq.

After returning from her third trip to that country in December, Collins coauthored a bipartisan resolution opposing the surge. On Feb. 5, Collins voted to put the Senate on record in opposition and was one of just two Republicans to do so.

Despite that effort, the surge is under way.

Collins maintains that resolving the sectarian violence in Baghdad requires a political, not a military, solution. She has clearly stated that she does not support an open-ended commitment of U.S. troops in Iraq.

At his nomination hearing earlier this year, Gen. David Petraeus told the Senate that he would need until August to assess the current strategy. If this strategy does not demonstrate significant results by then, Collins has said Congress should consider all options, including a redefinition of our mission and a gradual but significant withdrawal of our troops next year.

Kevin Kelley, Washington, D.C.

Press Secretary for Sen. Susan Collins

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