Double amputee Oscar Pistorius of South Africa wants to qualify for the 2008 Olympics as a relay runner, but the international federation that oversees the sport is concerned that Pistorius’ artificial legs could provide an unfair advantage. Nice. Try climbing a flight of stairs with the poor guy and get back to me.


Forever a farmhand, Jack Cust has clubbed six home runs in his first 26 at-bats since his emergency call-up to the Oakland Athletics. Two words, A’s admirers: Sam Horn.


A Clemson University coach warned female track and field athletes that becoming pregnant could result in suspension of their athletic scholarships. The sad commentary is that Clemson officials actually felt obligated to backpedal. Um, last time I checked, making a baby is a different deal than tearing an ACL.


After winning the Presidents’ Trophy for dominating the utterly meaningless NHL regular season, the Buffalo Sabres are one game away from being swept in the Eastern Conference finals. Somewhere, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith are clanking champagne glasses.

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