UEFA Cup Soccer: The Final

2:30 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel

Espanyol vs. Sevilla. “The Final” sounds more dramatic than “Survivor: Fiji” or “CSI: Turner.” Is it a live broadcast? Heck if I know.

Horse Racing: Preakness post position draw

5 p.m., ESPN2

Unless there’s an envelope in the hopper with a smiling leprechaun logo, I’m not interested in a lottery.

MLB: Tigers at Red Sox

7 p.m., NESN

I’d pay more money to see a reunion of the 1970s soul band Tavares than to watch Julian Tavarez.

NHL: Sabres at Senators, Game 4

8 p.m., Versus

Big night for a Canadian franchise that actually hasn’t gone bankrupt. Yet.

Boxing: Contender Challenge

8 p.m., ESPN2

Thousands shelled out a day’s pay to watch Oscar and Floyd. Hundreds might watch a round of this for next to nothing, until sanity prevails.

NBA: Nets at Cavaliers, Game 5

8 p.m., TNT

New twist: The winner advances to meet Golden State or Utah in the NIT.

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