PARIS – The state has agreed to hold off on prosecuting Bethel developer Rick Savage on a criminal threatening charge, according to a filing in Oxford County Superior Court.

Bethel police summoned Savage after a heated encounter with Bethel Town Manager Scott Cole.

“Savage got in a confrontation with the town manager and shook his fists in his face,” Bethel police Chief Alan Carr said at the time. “The charges were the result of his disorderly behavior in the town manager’s office. It was a shouting match, and it turned into something where the town manager was in fear.”

Cole has declined comment on the matter. but a document signed by Savage, his attorney and Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne shows the case against him would be dismissed on May 5, 2008, providing Savage has no contact with Cole outside of public meetings until then.

Any other criminal charges filed against Savage could also see the case involving Cole returned to the court’s docket for potential prosecution.

The agreement was signed by Cole on May 10 and by his attorney on May 15.

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