Organizers of the 2012 London Olympics have unveiled this new logo that looks like it’s going to cave in on itself. The Guardian newspaper is calling it a “ridiculous pink and yellow mostrosity.” One of the paper’s bloggers said “It resembles the kind of spatial conundrum played by people in brain train academy on the Nintendo.” That’s the Queen’s English for “It looks like Tetris.”

Bad pub is good pub

Anaheim’s Chris Pronger will have to sit out Game 4 of the Stanley Cup for his cheap shot on Ottawa’s Dean McAmmond in Game 3. That’s seven suspensions in 13 years for Pronger, yet he’s not portrayed in the media as a villain as much as Barry Bonds, Ron Artest, Tank Johnson, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones are. Some would portray this as a racial issue. I’d suggest it’s because no one gives a damn about hockey anymore.

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