FIRST, Trot, 200

Learn and Earns, Non-Betting Race

1. Jungle’s Moonshine, G. Mosher

2. Prenupting, K. Ireland

3. Pembroke Bandito, H. Campbell

4. Dusty Arrow, J. Bartlett

5. Charlize, G. Hall

SECOND, Pace, 200

Learn and Earns, Non-Betting Race

1. Lively Subject, M. Downey

2. Ditchem Casey, J. Mosher

3. Pembroke Lu, H. Campbell

4. Slugger, G. Bowden

5. Chunk O Change, G. Mosher

6. Cutting In Line, M. Cushing

THIRD, Pace, 200

Learn and Earns, Non-Betting Race

1. Key West Time, S. MacKenzie

2. Raider John, J. Mosher

3. Admiral Pembroke, H. Campbell

4. Aili, G. Hall

5. One Chance, J. Bartlett

FOURTH, Pace, 1,800

Learn and Earns, Non-Betting Race

1. Shurfine Nikki, M. Cushing

2. Pocologan, S. Mahar

3. Will’s Dream, J. Mosher

4. Kourageous Kerry, G. Hall

5. K C Chief, J. Smallwood

FIRST, Pace, 3,000

1. Windy City Anita, W. Brown

2. Memphis Seelster, J. Bartlett

3. Ballyjamesduff N, S. Gray

4. Art By Keene, K. Switzer Jr.

5. Rb Abbie’s Tom Boy, B. Thayer

6. Black Tie Only, R. Cloutier Jr.

SECOND, Pace, 1,800

1. Prince Of Hope, J. Mosher

2. Beach Assault, B. Thayer

3. Gizcando, H. Campbell

4. Running Home N, J. Bartlett

5. Franco Croupier N, C. Urquidez

6. Incredible Moe, S. Gray

7. Dan’s Magic Trick, K. Switzer Jr.

8. A Shade Apart, C. MacKenzie

THIRD, Pace, 2,000

1. Fuzzy Convict, R. Lanpher III

2. Comical Brilla, H. Campbell

3. Baby Of Blue Moon, S. Mahar

4. Express Route, J. Mosher

5. Poocham Magee, C. MacKenzie

6. Tangys Pocket, S. Gray

7. St Lads Magic, J. Bartlett

8. I’m Sinfull, G. Bowden

FOURTH, Pace, 1,750

1. Jeremiah Jones, W. Brown

2. Quintessa Hanover, J. Bartlett

3. Magic Kat, C. Carter

4. Dealin Straight, C. MacKenzie

5. Arctic Spur, S. Mahar

6. Trebuchet, B. Thayer

7. R-Dragonheart, J. Mosher

FIFTH, Pace, 1,500

1. Ghost Of A Chance, M. Downey

2. Chic Flow, H. Campbell

3. Hkr, D. Dickison

4. Elsies Alberta, C. Urquidez

5. Teflon Tim, G. Hall

6. Ohyoulittlething, S. Mahar

7. Tie Brin, O. Davies

SIXTH, Pace, 2,100

1. Woodmere Quikroute, W. Brown

2. Benedict Hanover, D. Dickison

3. Knight Stalker N, M. Downey

4. Beach Patrol, K. Switzer Jr.

5. Jamboree Hanover, J. Bartlett

6. Newport, O. Davies

7. Twilight Charm, H. Campbell

SEVENTH, Pace, 3,400

1. Hickory Hercules, S. Mahar

2. Just Plain Henry, J. Bartlett

3. Ripogenus, S. Gray

4. Kyro Down, J. Mosher

5. Magnetic Benka, H. Campbell

6. Madeithappenagain, G. Mosher

7. Yankee Anthem, B. Thayer

EIGHTH, Pace, 1,800

1. Colour Me Gone, O. Davies

2. Circle’s Candi, C. MacKenzie

3. Youcancallmesam, W. Brown

4. Pembroke Grampybub, H. Campbell

5. R Es Scott, S. Mahar

6. Life Statuesque, J. Bartlett

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