Lewiston taxpayers have to stop the financial bleeding imposed by city officials. Money is being siphoned from taxpayers and being injected into the Colisee. What a colossal display of fiscal mismanagement.

Yes, I realize there are many who truly enjoy hockey, and for those who do, great. However, it is not my job, as a taxpayer, to subsidize it.

No one subsidizes my trips to see the New England Patriots play, or the Boston Bruins, Red Sox or Celtics. Why, then, should I have to subsidize hockey?

Jim Bennett has to go. He spends the taxpayers’ money as if he were Bill Gates. Voters need to dump the Colisee and Bennett in one swoop.

A new start is needed. If the Colisee is going to lose money year after year, then why is some conglomerate needed to lose the taxpayers’ money? It is obvious to me that Bennett and his group of city councilors are doing that very well on their own.

Paul Parquette, Lewiston

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