PGA: John Deere Classic

3 p.m., Golf Channel

What’s next? Lexus sponsoring a NASCAR race?

MLB: Toronto at Boston

7 p.m., NESN

Don’t panic or anything, but if the Blue Jays somehow sweep, they’re only going to be six games out.

Softball: 2007 World Cup, United States vs. Venezuela

7 p.m., ESPN

I know there’s only one world and we’re all trying to survive in it, but shouldn’t soccer be suing for naming rights?

MLL Lacrosse: Barrage at Pride

7 p.m., ESPN2

Names I’m considering for my expansion team: Famine, Pestilence, Death.

Soccer: FIFA Under-20 World Cup

7:30 p.m., CBMT

Hopefully they’ll have the same hockey announcers who used to make the names Bobby Smith and Larry Robinson sound French.

Women’s boxing: IFBA Featherweight Championship

8 p.m., FSNE

Kelsey Jeffries vs. Donna Biggers. Tell me which one’s the champion and I’ll show you somebody who needs a hobby.

MLS: Dynamo at Fire

9 p.m., ESPN2

This has the makings of a terrific radio call-in contest. Player’s given a word and has to decide if it’s a soccer nickname, a garage band, a household cleaning supply or all the above.

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