Dear Sun Spots: Could you possibly provide us with any information on the adorable lady who does the Marden’s commercials? She is perfect. – A Big Fan, No Town.

Sun Spots, who is a huge Marden’s fan and is known around the newsroom here for her awesome fashion deals, had the great pleasure of speaking with Jake Marden from their Winslow store for more on this feisty woman.

Marden, the store’s electronic, radio, and TV advertising contact, says Karmo, as she’s known, is an actress with a following.

She is from the Portland/Westbrook area and can’t go out in public without people stopping her and asking for photos or autographs. It would appear you are not alone in your admiration of her.

Marden says Karmo is a “very funny, personable lady” who turns on and plays up her accent for the cameras, but she’s as funny off camera as well.

You might be interested in noting that much has changed since founder Mickey Marden began his store out of a small Fairfield auction house. People bought the goods he’d bring in. They told their friends, and those friends told their friends, and pretty soon he opened his first store in Waterville.

Marden’s is now up to 14 locations in Maine, from Sanford to Madawaska, and employs more than 850 people throughout the state.

The business is still family-owned and run, and Jake Marden is a third-generation Marden.

For more on Marden’s, check out their Web site at

Dear Sun Spots: I need help identifying an insect that has the bite of a flea.

I have taken a few dead insects to my local vet, and they cannot identify it. They are small like salt, light-colored and can jump, and they do have a good bite to them. They appeared on my daughter’s window outside and more so inside.

She did have a few birds’ nests above her window outside that I have removed, thinking they came from that. My family doctor wasn’t any help either. Any ideas as to who may know what these little creatures are? I did use a fogger to kill them. Thank you. – Tina, No Town.

Sun Spots would encourage you to consider contacting Richard Dearborn, president of the Maine Entomological Society, to see if he might be able to assist you. He can be reached at 115 Spring Hill Road, Mt. Vernon, ME 04352 or through their Web site at

Dear Sun Spots: I’m looking for the new version of the prayer that begins with: “Now I lay me down to sleep.”

I want to teach it to my great-granddaughter. My daughter tells me the prayer has been changed since my daughters were little. Thank you. – D.V., No Town.

Sun Spots located the following version from John Mark Ministries, which is described as a shortened version of an Old English prayer, author unknown.

An English Web site, mentions its first print appearance in Boston in 1737:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, bless the bed that I lie on. Before I lay me down to sleep, I give my soul to Christ to keep.

Four corners to my bed, four angels there aspread, two to foot, and two to head, and two to carry me when I’m dead.

I go by sea, I go by land, the Lord made me by his right hand. If any danger comes to me, Sweet Jesus Christ, deliver me.

He’s the branch, and I’m the flower, pray God send me a happy hour. And if I die before I wake, I pray that Christ my soul will take.

Dear Sun Spots: At a recent house sale for furniture on June 9 and 10, a lady was ahead of a gentleman looking at a dinner table and hutch.

She wanted both, but the room was too small for the hutch.

If she is still interested, please call me at 782-3267 or contact me at 577 Park Ave., Auburn, ME 04210. – Theresa G. Bernier, Auburn.

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