The ice season is in full swing and thousands of tons are carried out of the river weekly for large cities. It is hardly expected that all the ice cut on the Kennebec this season will be shipped, unless the weather continues hot for the next few months. The recent demand for Maine ice although not equaling the demand of 10 or 12 years ago, yet runs into the hundreds of thousands of tons. It is reported that the American Ice Company is planning to repair all its houses on the Kennebec and to build more houses in locations where conditions are favorable.

50 years ago, 1957

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. – More than 50,000 Boy Scouts from across the nation today reaffirmed their faith in God and country during stirring church services at their fourth national jamboree. Youths of a score of denominations worshipped in congregations gathered on the hills of this national shrine where Washington’s army spent its first winter, and most heroic days, 180 years ago. Meanwhile, more than 30,000 visitors toured the campsite.

25 years ago, 1982

WASHINGTON – After a decade in which the median number of square feet of living space in new homes steadily increased, new homes built in the past three years have become smaller. The median living area of new homes completed in 1981 was 1,550 square feet, 45 square feet less than in 1980 and 105 square feet smaller than those built in 1978.

• A trademark dispute between two New England bread manufacturers has been settled out of court, but attorneys involved in the case aren’t releasing details about the settlement. F. R. Lepage Bakery Inc. of Auburn sued its competitor, the John J. Nissen Baking Co. of Falmouth, earlier this year for allegedly imitating Lepage’s “Country Kitchen” trademark with products labeled “Country Hearth.”