Board: Minot Selectmen

Met: Monday night

Walking trails

The scoop: Selectmen accepted a bid of $18,800 to build approximately 2,000 feet of recreational trails that will connect the town office complex with the old ball fields. The bid by Off Road Construction was the lowest of five received. Work is expected to begin in August and should be completed in September. Walkers will then have nearly a mile of trail available.

Up next: Work to develop the entire three-mile trail network, which will link the town office from the old ball fields, the new ball fields and the Minot Consolidated School, will continue next year as funding becomes available.

School funding

Issue: Whether Minot will hold a special town meeting to revise the 2007-08 school budget to include approximately $135,000 in state aid to education that was not figured on when voters set the budget at March town meeting.

The scoop: Selectmen have learned that while the unanticipated extra state money can’t be spent this year without action at a special town meeting, the money can be placed in reserve to reduce the amount of money the town will have to raise for education next year. Selectmen decided not to call a special town meeting.

Rescue truck

The scoop: Fire Chief Steve French reported that the mechanical work on the town’s new rescue vehicle, received from United Ambulance, has been completed and that its cosmetic conversion into a town vehicle is under way. It will be called Squad 7. The town’s old rescue truck will be going to the highway department to haul equipment and traffic control signs.

Retention pond

Issue: Whether the town should remove gravel from a storm water retention pond that lies primarily on private property.

The scoop: The Patriots Day storm washed an estimated 50 cubic yards of gravel off Garfield Road into Gene Keene’s retention pond. Selectman Dean Campbell noted it is to the town’s advantage to keep the pond in good condition as it is part of the town’s storm water control system protecting the road.

Up next: Road Manager Arlan Saunders will secure an easement from Keene allowing the town access to keep the pond clean and will remove the gravel.

Paving program

The scoop: Road Manager Arlan Saunders reported that the Minot Consolidated School’s parking lot will be paved next week and that Hersey Hill School, Brighton Hill and Harris roads will be paved the following week. Preparatory work is under way and motorists are advised that they will encounter delays due to gravel roads and work in progress.

– Winslow Durgin