Working in the filmmaking industry is an all-consuming goal for Taylor McIntosh, who graduated from Edward Little High School in Auburn in June.

“I’m hopefully on the path of realizing my dream,” said McIntosh, who has joined friends to launch a small video company called Abstract out of his home in Auburn.

McIntosh first became interested in film a couple of years ago when he was shooting video with friends while skiing around New England. Becoming more serious, the fledgling videographers gathered enough quality footage to produce a film, “Hold Your Own,” which they have marketed to area ski shops. They currently are working on a second, “Product of My Environment,” from material they shot last winter.

McIntosh realizes there is still much to learn. In the fall he will enter the film program at Keene State College in Keene, N.H., where he hopes to continue to produce skiing documentaries.

While at Edward Little, he sought advice and guidance from photography teacher Shawn Rice.

“It is very gratifying when you see a student find his place in life and be willing to develop his gift to its full potential, and it’s satisfying to think you have made a small contribution,” Rice said.

McIntosh is spending the summer working in his father’s cabinetry shop and editing “Product of My Environment” on weekends.

“I’m not out to become rich and famous, but to really learn the craft and find fulfillment,” McIntosh said. “Things will hopefully fall into their proper place.”