This is in response to Norm Dostie’s letter (July 21) titled “Demon rock” regarding the influence “Camp of Rock” has on our youth.

I ran the camp. I’m a Christian man and grew up in a Catholic household. I attended St. Peter’s and St. Dom’s. I never had a music program in school, so I thank God that my parents encouraged me to use the garage to “rock” with my band through high school. That was my opportunity to express myself musically.

I have never had more fun in my 13 years as an educator as I did with those kids who attended Camp of Rock. What a great group of kids, eager to learn – and they learned a lot in just one week. They practiced countless musical skills, not the least of which was how to listen to me and to each other. In one week, they went from 18 kids who didn’t know each other to a tight group who were exchanging phone numbers.

It was a great way to teach music skills, and it was good for the mind, the heart and the soul.

More important, it was fun! The concert showcased this aspect, and how much effort these kids put into playing.

I’m already planning for next year. There’s no plan for discussing sinfulness, just time for making great music and giving kids an opportunity that I wish I had when I was a child.

Brian Gagnon, Minot