More than a month has passed since bids were opened for a possible buyer of the Colisee. It was reported that there was some interest but more information was requested. In the mean time the topic is cold.

Some of the restrictions for this to be sold are: A buyer must provide ice time for the local schools, continue to honor the Maineiacs contract, allow the area high schools to have their graduation there, plus allow the Business to Business Show to remain there. Other than that, buyers can do as they please.

With those restrictions, the taxpayers must plan on the yearly funding of $500,000 to keep the costly doors open. The new city council should consider this a city expense and plan on adding it to the annual budget.

That was a hot topic until they got the added $500,000 but since then, little has been said.

Has there been any increase in announcements about coming events? Has anyone seen the plan? Oh, yes, I forgot – “We don’t have any big events booked.”

Is the city still paying that management firm? With the job it has been doing for the Colisee, maybe the All America city of Lewiston could buy a mill and utilize the Global Spectrum management firm to handle that investment also.

Is the city going to do anything about the problem, or is it an entertainment tax for the city taxpayers?

Clem Clements, Lewiston

Editor’s note: A story updating the Coliseé bids appears today on page B1

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