In Steve Bien’s letter (July 31), which was a response to my letter of July 19, Bien alleges that the security barrier being installed by Israel is located on ” …what is still considered occupied Palestinian territory as defined by U.N. resolution 242.” That statement is not factual.

Security Council Resolution 242 is often cited by those critical of Israel to support the proposition that the disputed lands belong to the Palestinians. Resolution 242 says nothing of the kind. In fact, it does not even mention the Palestinians.

Resolution 242 acknowledges that the so-called West Bank is disputed territory, the status of which is to be negotiated as part of a final peace agreement. The Palestinians have refused to enter into such an agreement.

There is no question as to the interpretation of Resolution 242. Both the text and comments by the people who drafted the resolution support the above interpretation.

The allegation that the security barrier is a part of Israel’s effort to annex land is entirely unfounded. The Israeli government has, in fact, stressed that the security barrier is temporary and is not a permanent border. The control of the land is subject to negotiation as part of a final peace agreement, just as was the control of the Sinai, which was turned over to Egypt when a peace agreement was signed.

Laurence A. Faiman, Auburn

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