AUBURN – Jeannine O’Malley collected a hole-in-one at Martindale Country Club. She used a 9-wood on the #11 hole, 104-yards. Witnessing the feat were Lou Fortunato, Muriel MacDonald and Cotheal Linnell.

Other Martindale news:

Friday’s Individual Points: Pat Kordalski, Donna Browne, +8; Mitch Sweetser, +6; Terri LeClair, +5; Jason Allen, Claude Heutz, +4; Dennis Lee, +3. Nearest the pin: #4, Jason Allen, 3’1″; Ron Morin, 6’2″; #9, Allen, 6’9″; Mike Wolfe, 9’4″; #11, Wayne Hackett, 28′; Neila Nelke, 33′; #17, Allen, 4’11”; Wolfe, 24′.

Poland Spring

POLAND – Women’s League, “Hate em”, throw out 3 holes: net, 1. Leesa Smith, 53; 2. Linda Barajas, Laura Young, 57; 3. Elaine Lasky, 58. Putts: Charlene Lacasse, 31; Leesa Smith, 32. Closest to the pin: Laura Young, 14’10.5″.

Women’s Member-Guest is set for August 30 with an 8:30 shotgun start. Register in the Pro Shop.

Play It Again Sports League, August 15 standings: Malia-Rogers, 207; Kordalski-Henry, 204; Mercier-Webber, 195.5; Labbe-Gendreau, 188; Bourgault-Giberti, 178.5; Farrington-Breau, 177; Langelier-S. Anctil, 176; Roy-Deblois, 174.5; Lacasse-Dan Mercier, 174; Therrien-N. Anctil, 170.5; Bumford-Legere, 147; Vampatella-Cote, 132; Levesque-Vincent, 128.5; Leblanc-Dumais, 100. Low gross, Flight A, Paul Kordalski, 42; B, A. Gendreau, 41; net, A, Vampatella, 47-30; B, Gary Rogers, 48-31. Closest to the pin #13, Ray Levesque, 23’8″; Super Baggers of Week, P. Vampatella and G. Rogers. Next week is position night, as follows: Malia-Rogers vs Kordalski-Henry, Mercier-Webber vs Labbe-Gendreau, Bourgault-Giberti vs Farrington-Breau, Langelier-S. Anctil vs Roy-Deblois, Lacasse-Dan Mercier vs N. Anctil-Therrien, Bumford-Legere vs Vampatella-Cote, Levesque-Vincent vs Leblanc-Dumais. Results will determine the 8-team playoffs, as follows: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Thursday Couples, August 16: gross, Paul-Earlene Jackson, 37; Paul-Chris Sullivan, 38; net, tie, Bob-Sukie Thompson and Brian Callahan-Brenda Foster, 27.8. Closest to the pin #7, women, Terry Tracy, 11’3″; men, Paul Sullivan, 58′.

Tourney is planned

SOUTH PORTLAND – The Maine Pulmonary Hypertension Association Support Group will host a golf tournament at Sable Oaks Golf Course at South Portland at 11 a.m. on Sept. 14. The tourney will be followed by a silent auction, social hour and dinner. For more information or to register contact Jeannette Morrill at [email protected], or call (207) 695-3042.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – Tuesday Ladies League, August 7, game of week, closest to pin #3: A Flight, Pat Griggs; D, Lynn Dostie; E, Theresa Woodman. Top 3 teams: 1. Nicole-Fillion; 2. Emmi-Michaud; 3. Griggs-Nadeau.


POLAND – Fairlawn Ladies, August 16, 2 blind holes: B Flight, Dottie Cooper; C, Dot Hopkins; D, Arlene Ricker. Net, B, Germaine Martel; C, Lynn Polley; D, Irene Mathieu; gross, B, Mickey Bolduc; C, Marge Cormier; D, Lu Dube. Closest to the pin #11, 1. Dottie Cooper; 2. Mickey Bolduc; #8, Dot Hopkins; 50-50, Germaine Martel.

Senior starters

POLAND – Following are starting times for the first Senior Two-Man Team Championshiop to be held August 23 at Poland Spring Golf Course:

7 a.m., Dave Brewster, Mark Plummer, Gary Laliberte, Truman Libby; 7:09, John Hayes, Tom Chard, Dale Brown, Richard Moss; 7:18, Brent Mohr, Lowell Watson, Ron Brown, Ron Murray; 7:27, Steve Berry, Bob Driscoll, Alan Bouchard, Les Fleisher; 7:36, Joe Collins, Mark Curtis, Bob Blanchette, Ron Blanchette; 7:45, Charles Tartre, Dave Day, Barry Hobert, Mike St. Thomas; 7:54, Mike Knox, Dana Worster, Ralph Noel, Paul Renaud.

8:03, Nelson Gosline, Sr., Jim Quinn, Denny Siewertsen, Eric Hayward; 8:12, Wayne Hand, John Royal, Ron Lehr, Don Holden; 8:21, Tom Weigle, Doug Boyink, Jocko Emerson, Paul Pelletier; 8:30, Ted Bonville, Scott Johnson, Mike Francoeur, Cole Kelly; 8:39, Mark Friedman, Randy Smith, Kevin Lawley, Mike McGuire; 8:48, Dick Lindsey, Rondel Reynolds, Bob Barber, Dan Bellemare; 8:57, Rob Cook, David Kroll, George Blaisdell, Steve Wojtysiak.

9:06, Robert Marier, Vic Nunan, Kent Higgins, Scott Searway; 9:15, Jim Stone, James Surette, Marty Duffy, John Roberts; 9:24, Gordon Curry, Al Noyes, Jerry King, Lee Spaulding; 9:33, Adrien Fournier, Lou LePage, John Jordan, Mark Snow; 9:42, Milton Walker, Ricky Plummer, Marcus Beebe, Jr., Barry Kutzen; 9:51, Terry Landry, Norman Russell, Ray Convery, Jeff Kent.

10:00, Norman Charleston, Tom Rowe, Butch Farley, Ralph Wyman; 10:09, Bill Freedman, Jack Milo, Dave Child, Rich Rennie; 10:18, Bruce Livingston, Ted Caouette, Jr., Gary Winship, Ned Gribbin; 10:27, Marty Crowe, John Fleming, Ron Chenard, John Cunningham; 10:36, Dave Conley, Walt Ridlon, Al Patterson, Charley Laflamme; 10:45, Rick Meagher, Steve Noble, Wade Trudel, Paul Connolly; 10:53, Neil Peaslee, Doug Prevost, Omer Breau, Phil Harmon; 11:00, Dick Sheldon, Don Stone, Chris Neagle, Dave Ray.

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