LEEDS – Speed Limit Tournament, Sept. 8: gross, Jim Harrington-Trent Murphy, 67; net, Rick Shea-Pete Carney, 54; Lester Wood-Jay Hopkins, Tim Mynahan-Gerry Laroche, Steve Dyer-Aaron Burke, 58. Pins: #2, Aaron Burke, 7’5″; #8, Trent Murphy, 8’6″; #13, Gerry Laroche, 12’5″; #15, Allan Pattershall, 42′. Skins: gross, Trent Murphy #8; Jim Harrington #13; net, Pat Murphy #1; Jay Hopkins #5, #9; Aaron Burke #8; Pete Carney, #11; Tim Mynahan, #12.

Tourney is planned

PARSONSFIELD – Province Lake Golf will host Golf fore Shade on Monday, Sept. 24 starting at 10 a.m.

The course is located at 18 Mountain Rd., Parsonsfield, Me. 04047. All proceeds will benefit the Shade Foundation of America to further its cancer prevention and education programs.

Shade Foundation was established in 2002 by Shonda Schilling, melanoma survivor and wife of Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling.

For more information on the event visit www.provincelakegolf.com.

MSGA starters

Following are starting times for the Maine Senior Amateur Championship to be held Sept. 11-12 starting at Purpoodock Club, with players to be repaired based on scores for the final round at Portland CC on Wednesday:

Tuesday: 7:20 a.m., Gary Laliberte, Ron Brown, Mark Plummer; 7:29, Ron Murray, Eric Hayward, Frank Getchell; 7:38, Joe Collins, Richard Moss, Dale Brag; 7:47, John Hayes, Dale Brown, Terry MacMillan; 7:56, Arnie Clark, Ron Lehr, Robert Moore; 8:05, David Kroll, Jim Quinn, Mike Knox; 8:14, Alan Bouchard Ralph Noel, Jr., Laddie Deemer; 8:23, Lowell Watson, Paul Pelletier, Paul Renaud; 8:32, Richard Marshall, Tom Chard, Truman Libby; 8:41, Ron Blanchette, George Blaisdell, Charles Tartre; 8:50, Francis Reilly, Mike St. Thomas, David Day; 8:59, Barry Hobert, Ben Wootten, Neil Mayo.

9:08, Tom McNaboe, John Johnston, Terry Smith; 9:17, Robert Marier, Tom Weigle, John Palmer, Jr.; 9:26, Mark Curtis, William Nugent, Tim Estabrook; 9:35, Arthur Batson, Jr., Jeff Raymond, Les Fleisher; 9:44, Jon Piper, Ted Bonville, Ralph Thibeau; 9:53, Richard Sheldon, Jim Greer, Butch Farley; 10:02, Dana Worster, James Surette, Mark Friedman; 10:11, Chip Morrison, Randy Smith, Mike Deluca; 10:20, Mike Francoeur, Steve Berry, Rondel Reynolds; 10:29, Doug Morrell, Bob Barber, Roland R. Cote 10:38, John Royal, John Felten, Peter Greenwood; 10:47, E. Nelson Gosline, Frank Langlois, Jerry King, 10:56, Patrick Baldwin, Norman Russell, Lee Spaulding.

11:05, Doug Boyink, William Welch, Norm Laberge; 11:14, Miles Baker, Jim Stone, Don Spencer; 11:23, Vic Nunan, Jocko Emerson, Walter Golojuch; 11:32, Myron Curtis, Allen Patterson, Norm Charleston; 11:41, Richard McKenzan; 11:50, Richard Campbell, Paul Cloutier, Greg Dawson; 11:59, Josh Katz, Jerome Gravel, Tom Rowe; 12:08, John Male, Dick Lindsey, Tom Adams; 12:17, Charles Leveroni, Leon Lindquist, Dave Conley; 12:26, Vic Gaudreau, Paul Descoteau, Roy Pinette; 12:35, Arthur Dolben, Joe Foley, Richard Hachey; 12:44, Rich Rennie, Chris Neagle, Dave Scullion; 12:53, Mike Dumais, John S. Ober, Peter Hand; 1:02, Steve Pesce, Ed Schencks, Jr., Wade Trudel.

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