LEWISTON – Three clubs stayed unbeaten during second week of play in the Lewiston Rec Fall Softball League.

Week 2 results: Uncle Andy’s 10, Little Joe’s 7; Hart Transportation 9 L-A Harley 8; Emerson Toyota 11, The Cage 4; Uncle Andy’s 15, Little Joe’s 8; L-A Harley 13, Hart 7; Emerson 20, Cage 5; BT Pallet 11, Fast Breaks 8; Mixers 13, Pride Concrete 2; BT Pallet 17, Fast Breaks 2; Pride Concrete 6, Mixers 4.

Sunday’s schedule: 8 a.m., Mixers vs Fast Breaks, Randall-1; Uncle Andy’s vs Pallet, R-2; Little Joe’s vs Hart, R-3; 9:20, Fast Breaks vs mixers, R-1; Pallet vs Andy’s, R-2; Hart vs Little Joe’s, R-3; 10:30, Pride vs Emerson, R-1; Cage vs Harley, R-3; 11:45, Emerson vs Pride, R-1; Harley vs Cage, R-3.

Standings follow:

BT Pallet 4 0

Uncle Andy’s 4 0

Emerson Toyota 4 0

L-A Harley 3 1

The Cage 1 2

Mixers 1 3

Hart Transportation 1 3

Pride Concrete 1 3

Little Joe’s 0 3

Fast Breaks 0 4
Auburn Co-Rec

AUBURN – There are 2 unbeaten clubs in the Red Division of the Auburn Co-Rec Softball League after Sunday’s games. Janet McCarthy & Co., went to 2-0 with an 18-11 win over Androscoggin Title. Shades is also 2-0 after squeezing past Margaret Murphy CC, 7-6. In other games, Murphy beat Andy Title 12-2, and Almighty Waste edged Mixers 10-9.

Sunday’s schedule: 2:30, Margaret Murphy vs McCarthy, Pettengill; 4:00, Shades vs McCarthy, Pett.; 5:30, Mixers vs Andy Title, Tribou; Shades vs Almighty Waste, Pett.

Red Division standings:

Janet McCarthy 2 0

Shades 2 0

Androscoggin Title 2 2

Margaret Murphy 1 2

Almighty Waste 1 2

Mixers 0 2

Black Division

In opening games in the Black Division Sunday, Rowe Auburn beat Central Maine Archery 10-7; Platz Associates turned back The Gamers 11-3; Envirologix, Inc., outlasted Blue Jays 13-11; and Red Snappers rolled to a 16-1 win over Z Campbell Construction.

Sunday’s schedule: 1:00, Red Snappers vs Envirologix, Inc., Lakeview-1; Rowe Auburn vs Platz Associates, Lake-2; 2:30, Central Maine Archery vs Blue Jays, Lake-1; The Gamers vs Envirologix, Lake-2; 4:00, Central Maine Archery vs Z Campbell Construction; Blue Jays vs The Gamers, Lake-2; 5:30, Z Campbell vs Rowe, Lake-1; Platz vs Snappers, Lake-2.

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