AUBURN – Platz Associates is now 6-0 in the Black Division of the Auburn Co-Rec Fall Softball League.

In league action Sunday, Platz defeated Central Maine Archery 2-0, and Envirologix, Inc., 5-4.

In other action, Rowe Auburn beat The Gamers 15-0 and Blue Jays 11-10; Z Campbell Construction knocked off Envirologix 21-6 and Blue Jays 16-6; Red Snappers defeated The Gamers, 17-2 and Central Maine Archery 16-15.

Oct. 14 schedule: 12:00, The Gamers vs Campbell, Lake-1; Archery vs Snappers, Lake-2; 1:30, Campbell vs Jays, Lake-1; Platz vs Envirologix, Lake-2; 3:00, Rowe vs Snappers, Lake-1; Envirologix vs Archery, Lake-2; 4:30, Gamers vs Rowe, Lake-1; Platz vs Jays, Lake-2.

Playoffs are set for Oct. 21.

Standings follow:

Black Division

Envirologix 3 0

Platz 3 0

Blue Jays 2 1

Z Campbell Construction 2 1

Red Snappers 1 2

Rowe Auburn 1 2

Central Maine Archery 0 3

The Gamers 0 3

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