NEW YORK (AP) – Call it a pre-Halloween apparition: Python in potty.

That’s what a Brooklyn woman said she discovered as she was washing her hands in her third-floor bathroom one morning, before dawn. Peeking out from the toilet were the eyes of a python, its 7-foot-long body hidden in the pipes, Nadege Brunacci told the Daily News.

“I turned on the light and screamed,” she told the newspaper. “It still makes my heart race.”

Brunacci slammed down the lid, put a heavy box on top of the toilet and began calling for help, which came from her landlord and firefighters. Plumbers had to tear apart the downstairs neighbor’s pipes to capture the snake, she said.

Brunacci says she gave the snake to a friend who keeps it as a pet and named it after her.

Brunacci, 38, a restaurant owner, says she started using her daughter’s training toilet after Monday’s incident. And when she brushes her teeth, she told the News, “I’m looking over my shoulder.”

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