I am responding to “Obama Hopes Oprah’s Clout Sways Voters.” (Sept. 9) The article stated how Sen. Barack Obama was able to get into the U.S. Capitol without showing identification because the security guard recognized him from Oprah Winfrey’s television show, and allowed him in with a friendly wave.

Oprah and Obama have become close friends. Oprah has given large amounts of money to Obama’s fundraising and has reached the limit, but seems to keep giving in other ways.

How much power have we given Oprah? Could she really be the decider in a race of race and gender? Oprah has so much influence upon the American people she might as well be president herself! We pay more attention to what Oprah is doing and what Oprah is saying and suggesting than we do to the president. Isn’t this a little odd?

Obama thinks he’ll have a better chance of becoming the Democratic presidential candidate because Oprah is a close friend, and if Oprah says “Vote for Barack!” just about everyone who hears it will obey! If Oprah wanted to run for president, even as an African American woman, she would win. Housewives would register to vote just because Oprah was a candidate. My opinion is Obama is using Oprah to reach his goal of presidency.

How could we give one woman enough power to put hope into the heart of a presidential candidate? The sad thing is she knows just how powerful she is.

But, do we?

Darby Beaulieu

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