Normally at St. Dom’s, you would expect to see students inside, hard at work in their classrooms. But on Wednesday, October 17, the seniors were allowed to venture out. It was the annual Ad Day. Every year, seniors go out in pairs to businesses in the Lewiston/Auburn area to sell advertisements for the St. Dom’s yearbook. The seniors were dressed in their Sunday best, and were taught just what to say to succeed in this advertisement endeavor. The reward for a pair meeting their quota is a dress down day in December. If every group meets their goal, then all seniors are given relaxed dress code for the entire month of December! And for those of you who do not have a dress code, trust me, this is a big deal. If the highest goal is met, Principal Don Fournier has promised to shave his head. Every time we walk into English class, our motivation is rejuvenated by the photoshopped picture of a bald Mr. Fournier. We are still selling ads and following up on our October 17th sales.

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