This is in response to Gerard Gelinas’ letter published Nov. 15.

Everyone likes government programs that work, not just Republicans. But Republicans seem against programs that help Americans. President Bush vetoes bills that benefit the people. And the response to national disasters has been atrocious.

Social Security and Medicare are programs the elderly and disabled need to survive. Without those programs, many elderly and disabled would have no money to live on, or medical care. Not everyone can put money away for retirement or a devastating illness. The cost of living goes up, but wages stay the same. Not everyone has money invested in stocks. Besides, the stock market has crashed before and could again.

Social Security is the only income many elderly and disabled have. These people cannot work to support themselves. The elderly and disabled need Medicare to get proper medical care. As people get older, they have more health problems.

Without money, a person cannot survive in America. Without Social Security, many elderly and disabled would become homeless. Homelessness is already a national disgrace.

Caring for our own should take priority over the war. I believe we’ve lost constitutional rights because of the war on terror, and money invested in the war has been squandered and stolen. Weapons are missing and unaccounted for, just like the money. Tax dollars and national riches are entrusted to thieves, and our security to murderous gangs.

Tax dollars should pay for Social Security and Medicare, not a war most don’t want.

Deanne Danforth, Turner

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