Q: If you had the power to change any Lisbon High School rule, what would you change and why?

Kristen Laffely


A: If I were to change a rule, I would change the no cell phone rule because if there is ever an emergency, kids will need to use their cell phones.

Tyler Gawrys


A: We should be able to wear our hats all day, except during the pledge of allegiance.

Evan Morse


A: If I had the power to change a rule at Lisbon High School, I would change the lunch program because I think most kids are not happy with it.

Garth Ebner


A: I would change the rule that no one is able to buy soda from the vending machines because caffeine is delicious.

Jessica Heckethorn


A: If I were to change a rule, I would take the locks off our lockers. I would do this because it takes too long between classes to get our stuff and most people don’t know how to unlock them.

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