This past March a new organization was introduced to the Lewiston area. The name of the organization is Venturing Scouts. What is Venturing? Venturing is a BSA organization for boys and girls, ages 14-20. Venturers have a wide range of high adventure activities that they can participate in. So far Crew 116 has done several events. In March of this year the crew got together and built a cardboard sled, for the cardboard sled race at Saddleback Mountain. Another event the crew has participated in was a conservation project at the Shakers Village Society. The crew helped to cut back overgrowth on the properties trails, making it more pleasant for a nature walk. The group also built several foot bridges, and a bench to make hiking more enjoyable. More recently the crew went to see the Brunswick Naval Air Station Air Show last month. The group went through several planes and helicopters and got to see the Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration team. In the next few weeks the crew will be going back to the Brunswick Naval Air Station to experience their flight simulator of a P-3 Patrol Aircraft. These are not the only events that Venturers can participate in there are a wide range of activities such as: hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, horse riding, scuba diving, sailing, using pistols and much more!

Crew 116 currently meets on the second and forth Thursdays of each month. The meetings take place at Holy Cross Church’s Basement from 6:30 to 7:00. If you are interested in joining the organization and would like to learn more email, Lee Morin (Venture President) at [email protected]

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