Silence. The steady breathing of butterflies in your stomach. The rustling of bodies. Tense muscles ready to explode. Then the gunshot, and a rainbow of colored uniforms flood onto the field. The fans are quiet, and then roars of cheering and claps drown out the racers anxiety. Coaches scream at the top of their lungs to support their final masterpieces. But the runners do not hear the loud cheering and screams for victory. They just listen for the stampede of spikes and footsteps of runners that are determined to pass. You want the steps to fade away but that is what keeps you going, that is your fuel to win.

Your determination to stay in front of those behind and to catch those who have gone out too fast. Your body says to stop but you demand it to keep going. You make your body run faster than it ever has before and then that is the only time you can be the champion. Those three miles of intense pain soon turn into a lifetime of victory. A type of victory that no one can rob you of. What most runners don’t realize is that, it’s not a race between you and the other guy; it’s a race between you and yourself. To push until you have nothing left. That is the heart of a true champion.

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