In this world there is so much we never want to acknowledge, like the horrible war taking lives more than it needs to. People like the ones fighting for our independence,not just their own, are the ones that we need more of in the world. There are generous people that would never chose a fight, and there are those who would do it for no reason at all. There are kids who are starving and have no homes. Even if they do they don’t want to go, they see abuse or all of the other things people shouldn’t have to know about. People look to much at the bad things and never the good. You may think it’s unfair that some live so good and others the streets is their only home. But don’t take for granted the things you have. Love it, treasure it, and don’t feel guilty that you have it good and others bad. Just pray for them that’s all you can do. Instead of feeling bad think of the beautiful joys of life, like the happiness a family can bring. Christmas, birthdays, Halloween. The soldiers that are risking their lives for you. And your friends that are always there for you. Life is to short to worry about things you don’t need to. If you have it good then lucky you. But for those who don’t, pray, that’s all you can do.

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