Promises to secure American borders, regarding entry/exit of people and cargo screening. Supports “alliance building” in Mexico and Latin America, enacting business-friendly economic growth policies; calls a “flexible” labor market of American/immigrant workers key to the economy; supports teaching of English and American history/civics to immigrants to aid their assimilation.


Has a “clear, hold and build” strategy; supports a “robust counterinsurgency strategy” that would increase troop levels while strengthening the Iraqi police and military; says a secure Iraq would push economic and political reforms; would pressure Syria and Iran to end their Iraq interference; supports an end to senior officer reassignments in Iraq.


Says energy independence needs program of atomic proportions; supports nuclear power and emissions caps as solutions to climate change; would pressure oil companies to invest in alternative sources; supports ethanol development. Has said, “National security depends on energy security.”

Health Care:

Supports empowering patients to make health-care choices, and promoting competition among providers to reduce costs; wants to make medical information more transparent; would stop Medicare from paying for preventable errors; allow states to experiment with care choices; supports expanded availability of generic drugs, insurance reforms to promote individual policies, and stronger public wellness programs and benefits.


Supports cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 25 percent; would allow first-year tax deduction on capital investments by business, would establish a permanent research and development tax credit equal to 10 percent of a company’s wages. Says “fundamental tax reform” would boost U.S. gross domestic product 10 percent long-term.

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