Opposes amnesty; supports spending for more border agents, equipment, fencing and barriers on the border. Favors stringent immigration enforcement, swifter deportation; opposes sanctuary cities and driver’s licenses for undocumented aliens.


Opposes a troop withdrawal timetable. Would convene a “regional summit” to discuss stabilizing Iraq, and put additional pressure on Iraq to improve Iraq’s political and social situation.


Promises energy independence by the end of his second term; supports Alaska and ocean drilling, expanded nuclear power, increased fuel economy standards, alternative-fuel vehicle development, federal standards for alternative energy generation, and carbon emission caps.

Health care:

Opposes universal health care, supports market-based reforms to control costs. Would put deregulation innovation into the hands of states, and decision-making into hands of patients. Supports strong preventative health programs.


Supports “FairTax,” which would eliminate the federal tax code with a blanket “consumption tax,” which would be more equal, and lower the cost of American goods by up to 25 percent. Supports the line-item veto to control spending, and protections against global competition to crack down on unfair trade practices.

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