Supports protecting borders, monitoring flow of immigrants. Also favors a guest worker program and setting up naturalization procedures that would fairly bring immigrants into legal status. Believes America must address the root cause of illegal immigration (free trade, NAFTA).


Calls for immediate withdrawal that would have troops home within 120 days. Would work with neighboring countries in effort to bring peace to Iraq. “The sooner U.S. troops are withdrawn, the sooner we can pursue aggressive diplomacy to bring an end to the civil war that currently consumes Iraq.”


Would let oil prices rise; alternatives become more viable. Would “take electricity from windmills, run it through water and have hydrogen.” Existing cars and gas stations could be altered to run on liquid hydrogen.

Health care:

Advocates universal health-care voucher program in which the federal government would issue annual health-care vouchers to Americans based on projected needs. Under the senator’s plan, all Americans would be fully covered and free to use vouchers to choose their own health-care professional.


Supports a “Fair Tax” based on what people spend, not on income. Would eliminate IRS. Also would eliminate federal paycheck deductions for Social Security and Medicare, and give some individuals “prebates” – monthly reimbursement for taxes paid on essential items. Saves up to $270 billion a year.

Excerpts taken from candidate’s Web site

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