Supports the border fence and additional border guards; would implement “BorderStat” to track statistics related to immigration enforcement; favors tamper-proof ID cards for non-citizens, a “foreigner database”; deportation of criminal aliens and a program of “Americanization” of immigrants.


Opposes a troop withdrawal timeline. Would support the decisions of military leaders in regard to troop needs. The president should “leave behind an Iraq that would help in the terrorist war against us.”


Supports development of ethanol and bio-fuel, as well as renewable sources: wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and expansion of nuclear, clean coal and natural gas. Would push for greater energy efficiencies, and a public system – EnergyStat – to track effective energy management.

Health care:

Favors tax reforms to make insurance more affordable; tax credits to low-income earners to complement Medicaid and employer contributions for health care; and transparency in the delivery of medical services. Would reward state health care progress, and mandate the availability of low-cost insurance through interstate commerce.


Endorses education programs to improve math and science achievements; retirement incentives for certain retrained workers, and expanded visas for “skilled foreign workers.” Urges reforms of international agencies to promote growth, cuts to corporate taxes and enforcing free-trade pacts.

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