I would not say that Scott Poirier did the right thing when he killed his father, but I can sympathize with how he felt. Even at almost 65 years of age, I haven’t forgetten what happened as a young person. You might be able to forgive, but you cannot forget.

Roland Poirier’s brother was right when he said that children were not believed back in the ’50s and ’60s if they said anything about being touched inappropriately. If it happened, it was just laughed at. Some thought it was funny to touch a young person’s private area or pull on underwear.

Although what I experienced was minor compared to Roland’s victims, it was abuse, and it still haunts. Sex abuse is all one hears about these days, so how can anyone forget?

I feel that Scott Poirier has already served his prison time, within his soul, the same as the many victims at Roland’s hands. I’m not saying that he should not be punished, but if he goes to prison, he might be taunted or assaulted by other inmates. Let him do community service by talking to people about protecting themselves from abuse. With the Internet, there is too much trash out there.

I urge parents to listen and take action if children come to them and tell of being touched inappropriately.

I pray that Poirier will accept the help offered him and become a better person for it.

His sons need a strong father.

Joan M. Morin, Minot

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