AUBURN – Central Maine Archery announces that nine state records were set last weekend in the NFAA Maine State Archery Association state championship shoot.

Individual results:

Cub female freestyle: Gabrielle Cyr 287 (state record) with 26 Xs, Brooklyn Brown 251/23.

Cub male freestyle: Colton Nisley 190/4.

Cub male limited freestyle recurve: Jonathan Theriault 128/0.

Youth female freestyle: Emily Taylor 249/9.

Youth male freestyle: Mike Smith 299/46, Tyler Halliday 296/35, Dakota Halliday 238/11.

Youth female limited freestyle recurve: Ellen Jewett 256/7 (state record), Amber Anderson 114/2.

Youth male limited freestyle recurve: Riley Perkins 221/4 (state record).

Young adult female freestyle: Kendal Nicely 300/41, Emily Parker 298/34.

Young adult male freestyle: Adam Gallant 300/54 (state record), Levi Cyr 299/58, Travis Elliot 298/55.

Young adult limited freestyle recurve: Makenzie Crosby 279/18 (state record), Nathaniel Jewett 257/12.

Adult female freestyle: Brenda Cousins 299/48, Jess Hartford 295/30, Rachel Gagnon 275/19.

Adult male freestyle: Rick Smith 300/58, Chris Mizner 300/58, George Morrell 300/57.

Adult female bowhunter freestyle: Dana Cyr 297/39 (state record), Jess Hartford 289/26, Tabitha Halliday 281/14.

Adult male bowhunter freestyle: George Morrell 300/60 (state record), Chris Mizner 300/57, Rick Smith 300/56.

Adult female freestyle limited recurve: Karen Hindall 231/8.

Adult male bare bow: Moe Bazinet 205/1.

Adult male traditional: Gary Peters 243/7, Chris Mizner 242/8, Rick Smith 240/7.

Senior adult male recurve limited: Michael Crosby 248/8 (state record).

Senior female freestyle: Carol Crosby 287/21 (state record).

Senior male freestyle: Sam Coffin 299/47, Raymond McIntire 298/40, Dave Abbott 295/22.

Senior male bowhunter freestyle: Raymond McIntire 299/36, Dave Abbott 295/32.

Pro shooters: Dave Cousins 300/59, Stephen Hamner 300/44.

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