AUBURN – Lewiston-Auburn Community Little Theatre will hold auditions for “Sylvia,” by A.R. Gurney, at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, and Thursday, May 1, at Great Falls Performing Arts Center on Academy Street.

“Sylvia” is a fetching, clever comedy about life, love, marriage – and canine obsession. Sylvia becomes a bone of contention between husband and wife and a rival for affection.

The following roles need to be filled:

Greg: (late 40s to 50s) He is an Everyman, having his own version of a mid-life crisis. He and his wife, Kate, have adult children, grown and gone. His job seems unfulfilling and purposeless, and while he loves his wife, her career is taking off as his own is waning.

Kate: (late 40s to 50s) After raising their children in the suburbs, Greg and Kate move to Manhattan where they live for themselves now. She is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth and forgiving wife who does find she has to put her foot down.

Sylvia: (late 20s to 30s, flexible age though still young) Perky, sexy, energetic and very savvy. While she exhibits some true doglike behavior, she is treated by Greg as if she were a person, and she responds in kind. Sylvia goes back and forth between walking upright normally and sitting and acting like a dog. She has a piercing bark. The actress who plays her must be uninhibited with both body and language.

Tom: (late 30s and up) Tom is a sweatshirt, jeans, ball cap kind of guy who has three small scenes with Greg and Sylvia in Central Park. He owns Bowser, the (unseen) dog who catches Sylvia’s fancy.

Leslie: (late 30s and up) Leslie is the marriage counselor whom Kate engages and Greg reluctantly agrees to see. Leslie can be either a man or a woman. This is a scene-stealing role for someone with a keen sense of comic timing and deadpan humor.

Phyllis (late 40s to 50s) Kate’s best friend from college, Phyllis is moneyed, has the best of everything. Phyllis goes from being a normal nice person who sympathizes with Kate’s problem but underplays its significance, to a crazed fallen-off-the-wagon binge drinker after one run-in with the overbearing Sylvia.

Performance dates are June 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21 and 22.

For more information or for a script, call director Eileen Messina at 784-5404 or the CLT box office at 783-0958.

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