Michael Heath is a decent, courageous man who has his personal life in order and, indeed, sees the big picture.

The big picture is the preservation of the true family – the basic unit of any society.

Do the media and, specifically, the Sun Journal have the big picture? Or do they, in every way possible – same-sex wedding announcement policies, constant drumbeat of pro-gay stories (front-page, extended stories, constant smiling gay images) – dilute the true family and promote the idea that the homosexual lifestyle is as legitimate as the God-intended family?

I ask the Sun Journal to stop any promotion of same-sex relationships. Instead, it could start a campaign to strengthen traditional family life, taking a lesson from the Mormon community. It could support the enactment of laws that would put an end to no-fault divorce – the greatest killer of strong family life. And it could support Heath, because he is right, and he is for the true family.

I also feel the Sun Journal should not give front-page coverage to Louis Scolnick, who derides religious symbols and defends obscenity here in Maine. (May 11) As a matter of fact, the ACLU (and, therefore, the Maine Civil Liberties Union) supports the issues that destroy strong family life!

Perhaps the Sun Journal, as a service to the true family, could publish a list of the wicked programs that the ACLU supports.

Elaine B. Graham, Farmington

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