Adam, born in 1991, is a young man who likes track, basketball, video games and being outdoors when the weather is warm. Like most teenage boys, his interests are varied and change frequently. Right now, he likes to play his GameBoy, listen to all kinds of music and hopes to join the military when he is older.

Adam says school is “quite nice” and says he likes gym class the best. He attends a day-treatment program for his schooling, and it has been a very good fit for him. He is doing well with the added structure and support the program offers.

People who work with Adam describe him as a “pretty good kid” who is well mannered and does well with his peers. He has a good sense of humor and laughs often. An adoption subsidy may be available for the most appropriate family for Adam.

Easy-going, Kasia hopes to find a patient family

Kasia, born in 1991, wants a family to help her through her teen years and into adult life. She is an active teen who enjoys going to the mall, listening to music and hanging out with her friends. She also likes to ski and enjoys bike rides, hikes and camping trips. She likes to play soccer and to swim, too.

Kasia does well in school, but it’s not her favorite place to be; though she is enjoying an architecture class that involves designing a house with blueprints and drawings. She is seeking a job for herself through school.

Born in Poland, Kasia moved to the United States when she was 3. She has a difficult time trusting relationships, but she is working at understanding why. People close to her describe her as funny, sarcastic and easy-going. The best family for Kasia would be one that offers structure and is predictable and nuturing. Kasia has a hard time accepting love, so a patient family who won’t give up would be important as well. An adoption subsidy may be available to the most appropriate family.

Adam and Kasia are two of 150 children currently in the Maine Department of Health and Human Service’s care seeking an adoptive family. One hundred of those children have been waiting for permanency for more than a year. There are 2,154 children in the state’s care and 1,189 licensed foster homes.

Based in Gardiner, A Family for ME is a nonprofit program that works in collaboration with Maine DHHS. For more information, contact A Family for ME toll-free at 1-877-505-0545 or visit and see the Heart Gallery, photographs taken by Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston of some of the many children awaiting a “forever family.”

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