I am writing in response to the story about Poland Regional High School’s graduation, published June 8.

For anyone who read the Sun Journal article and did not hear House Speaker Glenn Cumming’s keynote speech, they would misinterpret Cumming’s points. The story included that Cummings said, “Take advantage of people, be losers and give away everything that is most precious.”

Yes, Cummings told graduates to do those things. However, Cummings’ purpose was to advise us on how to be successful with life after high school. We were to take advantage of our professors, upperclassmen and bosses, because as we entered the next step of our lives, they would be the experienced ones who could help us.

We were to be losers, because in most cases, you will not always be a winner on your path to success, so don’t be fearful of losing along the way.

And we were to give away everything that is most precious – being our time, skills and talents that we obtained along the way. Those are our contributions to the world.

There is a reason that PRHS invited Cummings back to speak as keynote speaker for the second year in a row. That is because he is a dynamic speaker, and his messages are original and stimulating.

On behalf of myself and my graduating class, I can say we enjoyed having Cummings as our keynote speaker.

I hope Poland will consider him again in the future.

Amy Chipman, Poland

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