Recently, my faith in my representative to the U.S. Senate has diminished.

While educating myself on the Senate race, I stumbled upon Sen. Susan Collins’ 10 points on the energy crisis. No. 3 is “End needless tax breaks for oil companies, and direct funds to consumers and alternative energy.”

That point is in direct contradiction to her voting record, which shows she voted for the Cheney energy bill in 2005 that gave $14 billion in tax breaks to big oil companies (one of which is ExxonMobil, that earned more money in 2007 than any company in history).

After reading, I figured she might have smartened up in the last three years, but this past year she has voted for every one of President Bush’s economic plans.

So, I ask, why is it only now that she appears to be looking out for the average Maine family that faces close to $5 per gallon for heating oil this winter?

This year, I’m voting for the first time, and it is becoming clear which candidate is not earning my vote.

Noel Madore, Turner

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