The wolf is at the door and at the gas pumps. Many suggestions have been put forth to resolve the “wolf” problem – hybrid cars, wood stoves, drilling in Alaska and offshore.

There is merit in those ideas, but they are long-term solutions.

The leader (Saudi Arabia) of the wolf pack (OPEC) appears in sheep’s clothing as an ally and offers to increase oil production modestly, which is simply a palliative.

According to an article in The Christian Science Monitor June 23, U.S. officials fail to recognize OPEC for what it really is – a price-fixing trust or cartel.

There are laws in this country against price fixing, and officials have used them with great success, both at home and abroad. Why not with OPEC?

Is the U.S. in such fear that it is unwilling to remind the members of OPEC that our laws do reach and apply to them? And that we have guaranteed their security in the region at our cost?

If OPEC nations cut production in retaliation, we have our strategic oil reserves; if they listen to reason, we emerge from the current crisis while still working toward energy independence.

Dealing with OPEC immediately and firmly is something this nation must do, now.

John D Griffin, Auburn

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