I have a camp at Roxbury Pond and enjoy the pond enormously. However, one thing is very troublesome: the overwhelming neglect of infrastructure at the pond by the board of selectmen of the town of Roxbury.

The main road through the area is in horrible repair, and no attention has been devoted to it in years. The pond “fire house” is falling down and, in any event, has no vehicle assigned to it, so emergency equipment must respond from 20 minutes away.

Water quality checks costing around $1,800 are done by the pond camp owners’ association because the town will not pay for them.

All of that despite the fact that the town of Roxbury receives many thousands of dollars annually in property tax revenue from pond landowners.

Something is terribly wrong with that picture. Fair treatment from Roxbury town officials is something that pond camp owners have every right to expect, and campowners were united in their resolve at the camp owners’ association meeting recently to see that they finally get it.

Stephen M. Hudspeth, Andover

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