For the second time this summer the large wooden block on Main Street owned by J. F. Boothby and F. H. White was the scene of a fire Wednesday night, the damage of which will amount to over $11,000. G.M. Fogg, harness dealer; A.M. Mears, confectioner; A. L. Durgin, restaurant keeper; Eli Clark, Mrs E.A. Skelton and the owners of the block are the heaviest losers.

Officer McGillicuddy’s timely discovery of the fire, followed by his prompt action, undoubtedly saved the lives of a number of people. He risked his own life to awaken the inmates of Mrs. Skelton’s lodging house and only gave up assisting the excited lodgers when he was rendered unconscious by the smoke, and fell helplessly to the floor himself. Friends insisted on removing him to the hospital but he stoutly declined their offers and as soon as he could was keeping the fire lines and aiding the firemen. His faithfulness to duty accounts for his discovery of the fire as it did his discovery of the fire in the same block a month ago.

50 years ago, 1958

A 10-year-old boy sent Twin City police on a wild goose chase yesterday.

Being questioned by Auburn police about a break, the youngster told a tale of how he and friends had stolen some 20 bicycles in the two cities and had dumped them all on an island in the Androscoggin River.

Officials from both the Lewiston and Auburn police departments took a boat out to the island and looked under every clump of bushes – and found exactly nothing. The boy, needless to say, was fibbing.

25 years ago, 1983

The last chance to sign up for participation in Sunday’s Franco-American Festival Parade, the largest parade in the state, will be Friday at 9 p.m. According to Parade Committee Chairman Bert Dutil, anyone with imagination enough to dream up a moving exhibit or costume is welcome to apply. Costume groups, floats, antique cars, fancy vans and clowns already have been accepted.

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