PERU – It appears as though people who have a camper on a campsite in Peru for more than 180 days will soon be forced to pay excise tax on them in town regardless of where they live.

In the past, the town hasn’t collected an excise tax on most campers from outside of the area that are set up at campgrounds in the community. However, at Monday’s selectmen’s meeting, the board strongly indicated that a more aggressive push would be made to collect the tax within Peru.

The town will be asking campers set up at campgrounds for more than 180 days excised in Peru, or else a property tax will be assessed on them.

“If they’re staying here year round, which they’re not supposed to, that’s a different issue,” added board Chairman James Pulsifer. Apparently, some campers are being set in one place for more than the 180 days required by state law.

“We want to give them the choice to either move it (within 180 days) or pay excise tax in the town of Peru,” Rodney Jamison said.

Fellow Selectman Burchard “Bill” Scott noted that it was important to have clarity in the letter that is being sent to campgrounds regarding the issue. “Are we going to request it or are we going to demand it?”

The board discussed a fine that has been assessed to property owner Michael Parent for constructing a deck around an above ground pool at his Route 108 residence without getting a permit beforehand. A letter had been sent to Parent regarding the deck and pending fine, but as of Monday night the town had not received payment.

Pulsifer suggested another letter be sent to the property owner specifying that if the fine wasn’t paid by a certain date, there would be court action. He also advised that the town write a new building permit ordinance to better specify what needs a permit and make revisions in the fee structure.

Selectman Laurieann Milligan suggested the board meet with Code Enforcement Officer John Plumley next week to give an update on the status of building permits and any code enforcement-related matters.

The board directed Road Commissioner Joe Roach to examine the location of a stone wall being constructed at a residence on the Greenwoods Road. “It is in the road limits,” noted Pulsifer, pointing out that the wall appeared to be close to where snow removal takes place each winter.

Roach said he would investigate.

Jamison expressed his concern about water runoff by the town’s baseball field at the old Peru Elementary School on Dickvale Road, and asked Roach to take a look at it.

“I’ve found the best time to do that is when it’s raining,” Roach said. Ironically, the latest National Weather Service forecast for this week called for mostly sunny, rain-free weather.

In other business, the town is seeking bids for 200 tons of salt. Selectmen approved a sand bid from Archie’s of $6.38 per cubic yard for winter sand.

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