NORWAY – A special town meeting has been set for Sept. 4 to address road work, after officials discovered potential erosion problems at Don Hunt and Dunn roads.

Voters will be asked spend up to $100,000 to pave 1,200 feet of Dunn Road, 2,900 feet of Crockett Ridge Road and to put a 6-inch gravel base on the rest of Dunn Road and on Don Hunt Road to get the roads through the coming winter.

Although paving work had been scheduled for Crockett Ridge Road, a recent discovery of poor base conditions on Don Hunt and Dunn roads necessitated quick action to avoid washout problems.

“Once we found it and saw what was underneath, we just had to do something,” Selectman Russ Newcomb explained of the sandy condition found under the two roads.

Selectmen were unable to come to a consensus on what to do at their meeting last week, in part because the Norway Road Commission had not been involved in the discussion.

The commission and selectmen met Monday to discuss the three alternatives presented to selectmen Thursday. They included holding a special town meeting to fund the $42,000 cost of putting two-inch base paving on top of six inches of gravel of Don Hunt Road.

The second option was to only pave 1,450 linear feet of the planned 2,900 linear feet for Crockett Ridge Road and then pave part of Don Hunt Road.

The last option was to eliminate the paving of Crockett Ridge Road this year and pave Don Hunt Road and an additional 1,450 linear feet of Dunn Road. The original plan was to pave only 1,200 feet of Dunn Road.

While resident Don Gouin argued that Crockett Ridge Road residents had already been passed over two times to have their road paved, others suggested there was a greater need on the other two roads.

A fourth option was finally presented and unanimously approved by both the road commissioners and selectboard.

The option, which will be reviewed by town consulting engineer Rob Prue on Tuesday before the warrant is set, provides for paving Crockett Ridge Road, partial paving of Don Hunt Road and graveling Don Hunt and Dunn Road.

Town Manager David Holt said $50,000 will come from the town’s surplus account, which has about $1.4 million in it, and the rest from reserve accounts.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Sept. 4.

“There’s a lot of work to be done out there,” said Road Commission Chairman Mike Marshall.

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