LEWISTON – The City Council on Tuesday ended a controversial task force designed to make a recycling and solid waste policy.

Councilors unanimously voted to end the work of the city’s Solid Waste Task Force. Only Councilor Robert Reed spoke concerning the group.

“It’s my opinion that this group has become dysfunctional and no longer serves any real purpose for the city,” he said.

The other councilors agreed, and voted to disband the group.

The committee was designed as a successor to a solid waste task force that reviewed a potential management plan for the city’s landfill in fall 2007. Councilors ultimately turned back a proposal to hand management of the landfill to Casella Solid Waste. That issue culminated in a heavily attended public hearing, with more than 150 people urging the city to pass on the deal.

The standing committee was created months later to continue reviewing the city’s trash and solid waste policies and to find ways to encourage recycling.

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