DIXFIELD – Deer began to move a lot more in the last couple of weeks, Dixfield police Sgt. Jeffery Howe said, and the number of car-deer collisions is going up too.

Howe said as the snow disappears, the deer are beginning to move out in search of food and salt. Often, they can be seen at the side of the road and sometimes they decide to cross when a car is coming.

Deer most often move at dusk and nighttime hours, he said.

Howe urges drivers to use their eyes to scan back and forth when they are driving at night so that they would have a chance to avoid a deer that may enter the road. Also, he said drivers should pay special attention to open areas where deer may be standing because they may decide to dash into the road.

One recent car-deer accident was on March 16 when Clinton Dolloff was driving along the Canton Point Road as a deer crossed in front of him. The deer was hit and dashed into the woods, leaving Dolloff’s vehicle without one of its headlights, Howe said.

Several similar accidents have occurred in Dixfield during the past few weeks, he said.

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