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the day: Fizy Finds and Plays MP3s on the Web Quickly
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By Kevin
Free music search engine and player Fizy (http://fizy.com/) doesn’t do
playlists, offer downloads, or fancy looks. What it does have is more than 75
billion MP3s in its index (supposedly), and a really fast search
For those moments when you’re just looking to dig up a certain song
and play it for friends or your nagging memory, Fizy is just about perfect. If
there’s a video to be found on YouTube or other sites, you can pop it open to
play alongside the song, or close it down without skipping a beat. It’s small,
simple, fast, and it covers a lot of MP3s floating around on the web. For a more
robust interface to queue up and play the Web’s MP3s, try Adam’s own Mixtape.me.
Fizy is free to use, no sign-up required.
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