I am a conservative.

I did not vote for Barack Obama, and with each passing day, I am more proud of that fact.

Recently, I heard a speech given by Obama to French and German citizens. He apologized for alleged U.S. non-support of European accomplishments. He stated that America was dismissive and arrogant toward European society.

I could have sworn that the U.S. was supportive of Europeans when thousands of our citizens assisted them in the fight against Adolf Hitler. I am certain if anyone asks a veteran, or the family member of a soldier killed there, he would feel the U.S. supported them.

America is the first country to come to the aid of any other country in time of crisis. How dare the president act as if he is ashamed of this country?

America is the greatest country in the world, and if Obama does not feel that way, then he does not deserve to be the president.

LeAnne White, Turner

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